Mistaya River

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Mistaya River
Mistaya River before the falls
Country Canada
Province Alberta
Basin features
Main source Peyto Lake
River system North Saskatchewan River
Physical characteristics
Length 38 km (24 mi)

The Mistaya River is a short river in western Alberta, Canada. It flows through the Canadian Rockies, and a section of the Icefields Parkway was built along its course.

Mistaya River originates in Peyto Lake, a glacial lake of typical blue colour (due to rock flour). Mistaya flows north-west, receiving the waters of creeks such as Delta, Silverhorn, Cirque, Noyes, ChephrenTotem, Epaulette, Bison, Kaufmann and Sarback. A series of elongated lakes are formed along the river: Mistaya Lake and Waterfowl Lakes.

Mistaya merges into the North Saskatchewan River at Saskatchewan River Crossing.

From its headwaters of Peyto Creek, Mistaya River has a total length of 38 km.

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Coordinates: 51°58′03″N 116°43′23″W / 51.96750°N 116.72306°W / 51.96750; -116.72306