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Mister International
MottoDistinctively Handsome
TypeBeauty pageant
Official language
Alan Sim

Mister International is an annual male beauty pageant founded in 2006. It is owned and organized by the Mister International Organization which also organizes the annual Mister Singapore pageant.[1] Along with its rival contest, Mister World, this pageant is one of the two largest male beauty pageants in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions. Since the first edition, 80 countries have sent their representative to this pageant, with an annual average of 38 contestants.[2] Mister International Organization licenses local organizations that wish to select the Mister International contestant for their country, and approves the selection method for national contestants.Traditionally, Mister International lives in Singapore during his reign.[3]

Recent titleholders[edit]

Year Country/Territory Mister International Location Number of Entrants
2019  Vietnam Trịnh Văn Bảo Manila, Philippines 39
2018  Korea Seung Hwan Lee Yangon, Myanmar 36
2016  Lebanon Paul Iskandar Bangkok, Thailand 35
2015   Switzerland Pedro Mendes Manila, Philippines 36
2014  Philippines Neil Perez Ansan, South Korea 29
2013  Venezuela José Anmer Paredes Jakarta, Indonesia 38
2012  Lebanon Ali Hammoud Bangkok, Thailand 38
2011  Brazil Cesar Curti Bangkok, Thailand 33
2010  Great Britain Ryan Terry Jakarta, Indonesia 40
2009  Bolivia Bruno Kettels Taichung, Taiwan 29
2008  Vietnam Ngô Tiến Đoàn Tainan, Taiwan 30
2007  Brazil Alan Bianco Martini Kuching, Malaysia 17
2006  Lebanon Wissam Hanna Singapore, Singapore 19

Countries by winning the title[edit]

Country Titles Year(s)
 Lebanon 3 2006, 2012, 2016
 Vietnam 2 2008, 2019
 Brazil 2007, 2011
 Korea 1 2018
  Switzerland 2015
 Philippines 2014
 Venezuela 2013
 Great Britain 2010
 Bolivia 2009

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