Mister Know-It-All

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This article is about the web series. For the Kelly Clarkson song, see Mr. Know It All. For a segment of a cartoon series, see Mr. Know-It-All.
Mister Know-It-All
Mister Know-It-All Episode 1 title card.png
Mister Know-It-All title card
Genre Advice
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
Distributor Wired
Original network YouTube
Original release June 14, 2013 (2013-06-14)[1] – Present
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Mister Know-It-All (or Mr. Know-It-All) is an American animated web series distributed by technology news magazine Wired, based on the popular advice column.[1]


After Wired joined Condé Nast's Digital Video Network, five original web series were announced for Wired's video channel including Mister Know-It-All and Codefellas.[2]


Animation for Mister Know-It-All is produced by M. Wartella's studio, Dream Factory Animation, for Condé Nast and @radical.media[3][4] in the style of illustrator Christoph Niemann.[4] Music and sound design were created by Sam Retzer.[5][6]

The first trailer was uploaded on June 4, 2013.[7] The first episode, "Toddler Music", was uploaded on June 14, 2013,[1] and the second episode, "Expired Medication", was uploaded on July 26, 2013.[8]

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