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Mr. Loco, also known as Mister Loco or Mr. Loco Band, is a Mexican band formed in 1975, singing mostly in English, though occasionally in Spanish. Its sound is a combination of pop rock and Latin American folk.


Mister Loco is an offshoot band established by previous members; Javier (Xavier) Garza Alarcón, Jorge García Castil and Rafael Acosta from the Mexican rock band 'Los Locos Del Ritmo'. Although the band Mister Loco was formed in 1975, individually the six members had been studying Latin American folk and modern music for fifteen years. Mister Loco was formed with a somewhat adventurous and original idea: to mix the different element of music in Latin America, to combine traditional Latin rhythms and instruments with popular music as it is now expressed internationally.

Nacho Libre[edit]

In late 2005, the band got a new revival, thanks to movie-director Jared Hess, who is a good friend of Beck. Beck helped out Jared with the soundtrack to his film Nacho Libre, starring Jack Black. And as Jared owned their album, and even knew the members of the band, he saw that it perfectly fit to use their music with the film.[citation needed] He used Hombre Religioso (Religious Man) as the title song in it, and also Bubble Gum and Papas in the rest of the film.



  • Uno (1975)
  • Lucky Man (1976)
  • Sencillamente Nunca (1978)
  • Dancing Loco Disco (as "Mr. Loco Loco") (1979)
  • Mystic (2007)


  • "Lucky Man" (1975, Mexico)
  • "Bubble Gum" / "(Tu) Solo Tu (1976)
  • "Mr Loco"
  • "Religious Man"
  • "Papas"
  • "Religious Man" w/ Danny Elfman
  • "Cancun Moon" (2007)
  • "Rocking Mariachis" (2007)
  • "Nacho Libre" (2007)
  • "Sacred Secrets" (2007)

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