Mister Rock and Roll

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Mister Rock and Roll
Studio album by Gene Summers
Released 1977
Recorded Dallas, Fort Worth
Genre Rock, rockabilly
Label Lake County
Producer Gene Summers, Joseph W. Pitts, Michael Cattin
Gene Summers chronology
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Mister Rock and Roll
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Mister Rock and Roll is a 12", vinyl record album (LP) by Gene Summers, issued by Lake County Records in 1977. It was Summers's second album released by the Swiss label.

Production and album credits[edit]

All tracks were recorded at Real To Reel Studios in Dallas, Texas on July 21 and 28, 1977 with the exception of Taboo, Big Blue Diamonds and A Man Can Cry. Tabu and Big Blue Diamonds were recorded at the Clifford Herring Studios in Fort Worth, Texas in 1959 and 1963 respectively, and A Man Can Cry was recorded at Sumit Sound in Dallas in 1975. The album was produced by Gene Summers and the executive producer was Michael Cattin. Recording engineer and mixdown by Dave Garner. Musicians included Joe Cook, Al Struble, Glen Struble, Kenny Hargis, Dan Edwards, Eddie Wayne Hill, Joel Colbert, Joe Donnell, Leonard Walters, David (Dave) Martin, James McClung, Jack Castleberry, Charlie Mendias, Ernest Walker, C.B. Williams, Buddy Stephens and Larry Jannasch. Background vocals were provided by Dan Edwards, Al Struble, Glen Struble and Tom Cunningham.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Mister Rock and Roll
  2. As Long As I Have You
  3. Down on the Farm
  4. You Need My Love
  5. I Got a Baby
  6. Cool Baby
  7. I've Had It
  8. You're Gonna Be Sorry
  9. Taboo
  10. Rockin' Daddy
  11. Big Blue Diamonds (with background vocals added)

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