Mister Wonderful (comics)

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This article is about the graphic novel by Daniel Clowes. For the Fawcett Comics character, see Mr. Mind. For other uses, see Mr. Wonderful.
Mister Wonderful
Daniel Clowes - Mister Wonderful cover.jpg
Mister Wonderful cover (Pantheon, 2011)
Date 2011
Page count 80 pages
Publisher Pantheon Books
Creative team
Creator Daniel Clowes
Original publication
Published in The New York Times Magazine
Preceded by Wilson
Followed by The Death-Ray

Mister Wonderful is a graphic novel by American cartoonist Daniel Clowes, published in 2011 by Pantheon Books after first being serialized in The New York Times Magazine. Its main protagonists are Marshall (a self-disparaging, middle-aged loner[1]) and Natalie, who are brought together on a blind date. Marshall finds his date far too attractive to be interested in him and concludes there must be something wrong with her when she does not show signs of wanting to leave. Marshall's self-deprecating, paranoid introspections so overwhelm him that his own thought balloons sometimes cover up Natalie's dialogue.[2]

The book is published in an unusual format, wider than it is long. This allows for an extremely wide two-page spread at the conclusion.[3] The book was expanded[4] and the pages were reformatted from their original twenty-instalment appearance in The New York Times Magazine[5] in 2007 and 2008.[6]


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