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Mister Wong
Type of site
Social bookmarking
LaunchedMarch 2006

Mister Wong was one of the largest European free social-bookmarking web services.[2]


The website was a German startup, established in 2006. Kai Tietjen had been running an ad agency for nearly a decade, when, in March 2006, he entered the field of web entrepreneurship[3] with the idea to "take on Google". Investing mostly his own money, he created a website that allows customers to bookmark their favorite sites, and then uses those bookmarks as the basic data for its search engine : to find a popular site, a user can search all other users' bookmarks.[4]. The service ceased operation after being sold for €2500 in October 2016. [5]

The service was available in German, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and French.

Origin of name[edit]

The website extols its users to "Wong the Web!", a reference to the practice of Wonging, often employed by card counters in Blackjack.


Mister Wong's original logo,[6] depicting a "cartoonish, nerdy East Asian man", brought on protests from many Asian-Americans.[7] The website's creator subsequently issued an apology and removed the logo.[8]

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