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Mister World
MottoWorld's most desirable Man
TypeBeauty pageant
  • United Kingdom
Julia Morley

The Mister World competition is a male beauty pageant sponsored by the Miss World Organization.[1] The competition is biennial and was founded in 1996.[2] The entrants compete in various activities including waterskiing, mountain biking, and marathon running. The current Mister World is Rohit Khandelwal of India who was crowned on 19 July 2016 in Southport.[3] He is the first ever Asian to be crowned Mister World in the 2016 contest. Traditionally, Mister World lives in London during his reign.[4]


Year Country Mister World National Title Location Number of Entrants
1996  Belgium Tom Nuyens Mister Belgium Istanbul, Turkey 50
1998  Venezuela Sandro Finoglio Mister Venezuela Grândola, Portugal 43
2000  Uruguay Ignacio Kliche Mister Uruguay Perthshire, Scotland 32
2003  Brazil Gustavo Gianetti Mister Brazil London, England 38
2007  Spain Juan García Postigo Mister Spain Sanya, China 56
2010  Ireland Kamal Ibrahim Mister Ireland Incheon, Korea 74
2012  Colombia Francisco Escobar Mister Mundo Colombia Kent, England 48
2014  Denmark Nicklas Pedersen Mister Denmark Torbay, England 46
2016  India Rohit Khandelwal Mister India Southport, England 46
2019 Iloilo, Philippines

By number of wins[edit]

Country Titles Winning Years


 Denmark 2014
 Colombia 2012
 Ireland 2010
 Spain 2007
 Brazil 2003
 Uruguay 2000
 Venezuela 1998
 Belgium 1996

Award winners[edit]

Year Titleholders Country
1996 Mr. Personality Botswana
1998 Mr. Personality Greece
Mr. Photogenic Portugal
2003 Best Talent Barbados
2010 Mr. World Sports fast track Czech Republic
Top Model fast track Brazil
Mr. World Talent fast track Korea
2012 Best in Talent Canada
Sports Challenge Ireland
Extreme Sports Challenge Croatia
Multi-Media Challenge Philippines
Fashion & Style Vietnam
2014 Best in Talen Curaçao
Extreme Sports Challenge Moldova
Sports Challenge Denmark
Multi-Media Challenge Netherlands
Fashion & Style Nigeria
2016 Talent & Creativity – Finesse, Technique, Dedication Poland
Fashion & Style China
Multimedia – Charisma, Presentation, Interactivity India
Extreme – Strength, Endurance, Determination Scotland
Sport – Skill, Discipline, Athleticism England
Red Team Malaysia
Green Team United States
Yellow Team Panama
Blue Team England

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