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Mister X or Mr. X is commonly used as a pseudonym for someone whose name is secret or unknown.

Mister X may refer to:


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Pseudonymous uses[edit]

  • Donald Graves (Kremlinologist) (1929–2008), U.S. State Department analyst, from the 1982 Washington Post article "The Secret Files of Mr. X"
  • George F. Kennan (1904–2005), American historian, in his essay "The Sources of Soviet Conduct"
  • Carl Sagan (1934–1996), American astronomer, in an essay on his experiences with marijuana
  • Norman Wexler (1926–1999), American screenwriter, in Bob Zmuda's Andy Kaufman Revealed
  • Gaston Defferre (1910–1986), French Politician, using this pseudonym during the 1965 Presidential Elections
  • Ben Zygier, a prisoner who was held in Israel
  • The former longtime boyfriend of American radio talk show host, Robin Quivers

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