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SGO Mistika
Developer(s) Soluciones Gráficas por Ordenador (S.G.O.)
Stable release
v6.0 / 01/04/2011 (01/04/2011)
Operating system SUSE 11 sp1
Type Compositing software / Color grading / Video editing software / Visual effects / Stereoscopic software
License Proprietary
Website SGO Mistika website

Mistika is a post-production software published by S.G.O.


Mistika's main features include timeline-based editing, color grading, compositing, image restoration, filters for stereoscopic finishing and native support for various media formats like RED, ARRI RAW, PHANTOM, and WEISSCAM. All image processing is done on the GPU, which lets the user do tasks like grading 4k DPX files in real time.


The GUI of Mistika has been viewed as being quite different than most video editing software, and a lot of people found it very difficult to understand at first. Although Mistika users spend most their time in the software (and therefore get a deep understanding of how to do different tasks), this made the system hard for assistants, freelancers etc. to operate, however, v5 launched at NAB 2010 changed this with an improved user GUI.

Stereoscopic 3D success[edit]

One of Mistika's biggest successes has been within the stereoscopic 3D world, with many post facilities adopting the system for the growing 3D market, including LA's Identity FX, NYC's WorleyWorks, the UK's BSKYB, Framestore, Preditors, On Sight, BTVPost, and more recently New Zealand's Park Road Post Production.


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