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Mistilteinn ("Mistletoe"), also known as Misteltein or Mystletainn, is Hrómundr Gripsson's sword in Hrómundar saga Gripssonar, a legendary saga from Iceland.

Mistilteinn first belonged to Þráinn, who had been king in Valland before he retired in his burial mound with his wealth.

The Danish king Óláfr and his men, among whom Hrómundr Gripsson, learnt about that and found the barrow. Þráinn, who had become a draugr (living dead) was sitting inside. No one but Hrómundr dared to enter. After a long and fierce fight, he defeated Þráinn and took his treasure, especially his sword, with which Þráinn had killed four hundred and twenty men, including the Swedish king Semingr.

Hrómundr used Mistilteinn during the battle between Óláfr and two Swedish kings both named Haldingr. He killed Helgi inn frækni (the Valiant), who had slain his brothers. He then lost Mistilteinn in the water out of witchcraft. He deeply felt this loss but soon recovered his sword, which was found in the stomach of a pike. But Mistilteinn was of no help when he fought king Haldingr, whom he eventually killed with a club.

In Gesta Danorum, Mistiltainn is the weapon used to kill Baldr.

In popular culture[edit]

  • In the video game series Fire Emblem Mystletainn is the name of the sword wielded by Eldigan in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. An imitation of the sword later appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening under the name Missiletainn. A tome in Fire Emblem:Fates is also named Missiletainn.
  • Mistilteinn is an obtainable weapon in Granblue Fantasy mobile game.
  • Misteltein is the name of a playable character in the MMORPG Closers.
  • In the video game series Castlevania, an entry called Dawn of Sorrow has a sword called Mystletainn, referencing this weapon.
  • Mystletainn is the name of the magic pink chainsaw that allows protagonist Ayumu Aikawa to transform into a magical garment girl in the anime series Is This a Zombie?
  • The housing area of the main characters in Darling in the Franxx is called Mistilteinn.