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Mistress may refer to:

  • Mistress (lover), a woman, other than the spouse, with whom a married individual has a continuing sexual relationship
  • Schoolmistress, or female school teacher (also called a "schoolmarm"); see schoolmaster
  • A dominatrix in BDSM
  • A female owner of a dog

Title or form of address[edit]

Ancient religions[edit]

  • Mistress of the house of life, a title of the Egyptian goddess Isis
  • Mistress of the west, the Egyptian goddess Hathor
  • Mistress of the temple,the Egyptian Goddess of the underworld Nepthys
  • Mistress of the labyrinth, the lady of the labyrinth, in the palace of Knossos (Crete)
  • Mistress of the house (Greek "Despoina"), a title applied to the Greek goddess Persephone, but also to the goddesses Demeter and Hecate
  • Mistress of the animals (Greek "potnia theron"), a title applied to the Greek goddess Artemis
  • Mistress (Greek "potnia"), a title applied to the Greek goddesses Demeter, Persephone and Athena
  • Mistress (Ba'alah), a title applied to various Levantine goddesses


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