Misrata District

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Misrata (مصراته)
Country  Libya
Capital Misrata
Population 550,938 (2006) [1]
Map of Libya with Bani Walid district highlighted

Misrata (Arabic: مصراته‎‎ Miṣrātah, Libyan Arabic: Məṣrātah), also spelt Misurata or Misratah, is a sha'biyah (district) in northwestern Libya. Its capital is the city of Misrata.

In 2007 the district was enlarged to include what had been the Bani Walid District and the northernmost strip of coast of the Gulf of Sidra, that from 2001 to 2007 had been part of Sirte District.[2]

Pre-2007 extent of Misrata District


In the north and east, Misrata has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea. On land, it borders the following districts:

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Coordinates: 31°30′N 14°30′E / 31.500°N 14.500°E / 31.500; 14.500