Mitchell's Plain land occupation

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On 14 May 2011 the Mitchells Plain Backyarders' Association[1] occupied two pieces of land in Kapteinsklip and Swartklip in Mitchells Plain. About 5,000 people participated in the occupation.[2]


There was a violent clash between occupiers and the police.[3][4] Fourteen people were arrested.[5]Following the occupation there were a number of protest in defense of the occupation.[6][7]An eviction order was served on the occupiers and they were denied leave to appeal. One of the occupiers Faiza Meyer was quoted as saying "I have been living on [this] land for four months, so what if we have this beautiful Constitution, it means nothing."[8] The anti-land invasion unit destroyed the occupation.It was reported that the Anti-Land Invasion Unit acted with considerable violence that resulted in breaking Christen De Jager's leg.[9]


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