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Mitchell 1
Industry Automotive aftermarket
Founded 1918 (1918)
Founder Reed Electrical Manuals
Headquarters Poway, California, U.S.
Key people
Dave Ellingen (President)

Mitchell 1 is a software service provider that has provided repair information to the automotive industry for over 90 years. Founded as a private company, Reed Electrical Manuals, the company provided the first specifications and diagrams of vehicle electrical systems to the new motoring public, and the technicians that would learn to service these new automobiles. Though Mitchell 1 started out as a simple provider of technical information in printed manuals to the professional technician, it has grown over the years to become a fully integrated software service provider. Mitchell 1 is headquartered in Poway, California and its ownership is currently held by% held by Snap-on Tools, Inc. (85%) and NAPA (15%).[citation needed]


Mitchell 1, established in 1918 as Reed Electrical Manuals, has undergone many changes over the last 90-plus years, including name and ownership changes. Glenn Mitchell founded the well known “Mitchell Manuals” in his garage in 1946. They focused mainly on repair and service issues and provided an easy-to-use parts catalog for collision repair estimating. His repair manuals were unique to the industry because they arranged collision parts by the quadrant of the car where they would be used. Previously, repair manuals listed component parts, just like the manufacturers’ manuals. Eventually he added labor and paint times, which help body shops and insurance companies prepare a repair estimate and create a bill of materials and work order.

The Mitchell 1 “Mitchell Manuals” have grown to include a family of integrated software and Internet based Shop Management and Repair Information designed to provide mechanical automotive repair shops with tools and information they can use to improve productivity.[citation needed] Mitchell 1 supplies materials, training, and business management software to independent repair shops across North America.[citation needed]


Mitchell 1 markets their products through a variety of venues, with the primary two sales forces being their independent Mitchell 1 representatives, and Snap-on Tools Diagnostic Factory Reps, who sell the same product re-branded as Shopkey.[1] In addition, ProDemand is available as an add on web-based resource to Napa's Shop Management System, NapaTRACS.

Company milestones[edit]

  • 1918: Reed Electrical Manuals was established, publishing the first specifications and diagrams of vehicle electrical systems.
  • 1920: Service Engineering Corporation buys Reed Manuals and develops the National Service Data line of manuals.
  • 1946: Glenn Mitchell founded Mitchell Manuals in his garage, producing the first collision estimating guides to include parts illustrations, prices, part numbers.
  • 1958: Glenn Mitchell produces the first Pocket Estimator; it includes labor times.
  • 1968: Mitchell purchases National Automotive Service, buying a legacy of mechanical service and repair data dating back to 1920.
  • 1971 Mitchell publishes the first lineup of service and repair manuals for import cars, with coverage dating back to the early 1960s.
  • 1972: Cordura Corporation acquires Glenn Mitchell Manuals.
  • 1973: Mitchell publishes the first light truck service and repair lineup of manuals.
  • 1986: The Thomson Corporation purchases Mitchell Manuals from Cordura Corporation.
  • 1989: Mitchell releases On-Demand, the first computer-based repair information product for repair shops.
  • 1989 Mitchell acquires Digitree, KLM and NAGS.
  • 1993: Mitchell Repair provides the first Windows-based product for repair information.
  • 1995: Mitchell Repair launches a Windows-based shop management system called Series I.
  • 1996: Snap-on Tools, Inc. begins acquisition of the Repair division of Mitchell from Thomson, forming Mitchell Repair Information Company in a joint venture.
  • 1996: Mitchell Repair is the first to release repair data on DVD.
  • 1998: Snap-on Incorporated acquires a majority interest in Mitchell Repair.
  • 2000: Snap-on Incorporated and NAPA become joint owners of Mitchell Repair.
  • 2000: Mitchell Repair is first to compress gigabytes of automotive repair and estimating information into Palm-based devices.
  • 2001: Mitchell Repair changes its name to Mitchell 1.
  • 2001: Mitchell 1 introduces OnDemand5 line of products.
  • 2004: Mitchell 1 introduces Color Wiring Diagrams to
  • 2005: Mitchell 1 introduces Medium Truck on CD
  • 2006: Mitchell 1 launches Web-based for heavy vehicles
  • 2006: Mitchell 1 celebrates the 20th Anniversary of OnDemand5[citation needed]
  • 2010: Mitchell 1 launches their Facebook page
  • 2012: Mitchell 1 launches ProDemand and Shopkeypro
  • 2012: Mitchell 1 launches Bolt On Technology's ProPack ProPack

Recognition and awards[edit]

Mitchell 1 is a sponsor of the ASE Technician of the Year,[2] and presents the award to the winner in a special ceremony every year. Mitchell 1 has also been recognized for their contribution to the future of the automotive aftermarket. In August, 2009, the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) recognized Mitchell 1 with the 2009 Friends of NACAT Award.[3] This award recognizes companies that are long-time supporters of NACAT, through regular communication with NACAT instructors, participation in their trade show and conference. Mitchell 1 Online Service for Medium-Duty Repair Named to Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top 20 in 2010.[4]

Recent awards include:

2015: PTEN People's Choice Award | PTEN for ProDemand - ProView (Repair Information Sources)

2015: PTEN People's Choice Award | PTEN for Mobile Manager Pro (Computers and Software)

2015: PTEN Innovation Award | PTEN for ProDemand - Top 10 Repairs ) Repair Information Sources

2015: PTEN Innovation Award | PTEN for Mobile Manager Pro (Computers and Software)

2015: Top 10 Tools Award | UNdercar Digest for Mobile Manager Pro

2015: Top 10 Tools Award | Undercar Digest for ProDemand

2015: Top 10 Tools Award | Undercar Digest for SureTrack

2015: Top 5 Tools Award | TechShop | Babcox for ProDemand & Mitchell 1 in general

2014: Automotive Preferred Provider - 15 years Service AAA

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