Mitchell Construction

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Mitchell Construction
Industry Construction
Fate Acquired
Successor Tarmac
Founded 1933
Defunct 1973
Headquarters Peterborough, UK
Key people
David Morrell, (Chairman)

Mitchell Construction was once a leading British civil engineering business based in Peterborough.


The business was founded by F.G. (Tiny) Mitchell in London in 1933 as an offshoot of Mitchell Engineering, his engineering business. In 1940 the Company moved to Peterborough because of the destruction created in London by The Blitz.[1] David Morrell took over management of the business from Tiny Mitchell in 1954.[2] During the 1950s the business expanded rapidly exploiting hydro-electric power opportunities in Scotland.[3]

In 1962 Mitchell Construction acquired Kinnear Moodie, a leading tunneling business.[4]

Chapelcross nuclear power station built by Mitchell Construction

Major projects[edit]

Major projects undertaken by the business included:

Demise of the business[edit]

After getting into financial difficulties over the Kariba Dam North Cavern project, the company was acquired by Tarmac and integrated into Tarmac Construction in 1973.[11]


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