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Mitchell Corporation (株式会社ミッチェル) is a Japanese video game developer based in the Suginami ward of Tokyo. Roy Ozaki serves as president, and Koichi Niida serves as vice-president. Some employees are former Capcom and TAD Corporation employees. The company was originally established on February 1, 1960, as an import/export business by the father of Roy Ozaki. Ozaki and Niida took over the company and began acting as exclusive overseas agents for such video game companies as Visco, Video System, Seta, Metro, Home Data, and other small video game manufacturers in the 1980s.

Company activity was suspended on 20 November 2012.[1]

Mitchell Corporation develops titles for home consoles, handhelds, Japanese mobile phones, the arcade[2] and interactive kiosks located in restaurants and other places. Mitchell also distributes printed circuit boards for the arcade/coin-op market. The company also develops video games for other publishers. Since 2004 they have developed games only for Nintendo hardware.

Mitchell Corporation is best known as the game developer of Puzz Loop. Copyright and trademark registration of Puzz Loop was established in December 1999, the same year it was released to the international coin-op arcade market. Prior to this, it developed the Pang! series of games, known in America as Buster Bros. and distributed there by Capcom.

Puzz Loop was first released in North America, as well as Europe, under the title Ballistic for the original PlayStation console and Game Boy Color handheld. Infogrames published the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions in North America in late 1999, while THQ published these same versions for European territories. Capcom published both versions for the Japanese market under the original Puzz Loop title in 2000.

Nintendo of America released Puzz Loop for the Nintendo DS under the title Magnetica on June 5, 2006. A four-player version, titled Magnetica Twist was released two years later on the WiiWare service. Tokyo Crash Mobs is the latest instalment of the Puzz Loop series.


Game Release date Genre(s) Platform
Gyoretsu Nageloop (Tokyo Crash Mobs) 2012-08-08[3] Puzzle (Toss) Nintendo 3DS eShop
Wii Remote Plus Variety (Wii Play: Motion) [Treasure Twirl mini-game] 2011-07-07[3] Action Nintendo Wii
Pang: Magical Michael 2010-09-17[4] Platform, Puzzle, Shooter (Gallery) Nintendo DS
Chotto Sūjin Taisen (Number Battle, Sujin Taisen: Number Battles) 2009-01-28[3] Puzzle, Strategy Nintendo DSiWare
Kakonde Keshite Wakugumi no Jikan (Wakugumi: Monochrome Puzzle) 2009-04-01[3] Puzzle Nintendo DSiWare
Minna de Puzzloop (Actionloop Twist, Magnetica Twist) 2008-04-22[3] Puzzle (Toss) Nintendo WiiWare
Chotto Sūjin Taisen (Number Battle, Sujin Taisen: Number Battles) 2007-06-07[5] Puzzle, Strategy Nintendo DS
Shunkan Puzzloop (Actionloop, Magnetica) 2006-03-02[5] Puzzle (Toss) Nintendo DS
Tsuukin Hitofude (Polarium Advance) 2005-10-13[5] Puzzle Game Boy Advance
Chokkan Hitofude (Polarium) 2004-12-02[5] Puzzle Nintendo DS
Kono e-Tako (This Good Octopus)[6] 2003-11-19[7] Puzzle (Match) Arcade
Gamshara (Daredevil)[8] 2002-08[7] Shooter (Gallery) Arcade
Janpai Puzzle Choukou (Yangtze River Mahjong Tile Puzzle)[9] 2001-11[7] Tabletop, Puzzle (Match), Mature Arcade
Puzz Loop 2[10] 2001-02[7] Puzzle (Toss) Arcade
Mighty! Pang[11] 2000-11[7] Platform, Puzzle, Shooter (Gallery) Arcade
Ballistic 2000-10-12[5] Puzzle (Toss) Game Boy Color
Ballistic 2000-03-16[5] Puzzle (Toss) PlayStation
Ballistic 2000 (unreleased)[12] Puzzle (Toss) NeoGeo Pocket Color
Ballistic 2000 Puzzle (Toss) Nuon
Puzz Loop[13] 1998-12[7] Puzzle (Toss) Arcade
Buster Bros. Collection 1997-03-14[14] Platform, Puzzle, Shooter (Gallery) PlayStation
Sankokushi (Three Engraved Intentions)[15] 1996-08[7] Tabletop, Puzzle, Match, Mature Arcade
Osman (Cannon Dancer)[16] 1996-02[7] Platform, Fighting (Scrolling) Arcade
Sotsugyo Shousho (Diploma)[17] 1995-11[7] Mini-Games Arcade
Pang! 3[18] 1995-06[7] Platform, Puzzle, Shooter (Gallery) Arcade
Ganbare! Gonta!! 2 (Party Time: Gonta the Diver II)[19] 1995-05[20] Puzzle, Mature Arcade
Charlie Ninja[21] 1995 Platform, Shooter (Scrolling) Arcade
Mirage Youjuu Mahjongden (Demon Mirage Mahjong)[22] 1994-05[20] Tabletop, Mahjong, Mature Arcade
Super-X [licensed from NTC][23] 1994 Shooter (Flying Vertical) Arcade
Double Wings[24] 1993-12 Shooter (Flying Vertical) Arcade
Moeyo Gonta!! (Lady Killer) [licensed from Yanyaka][25] 1993-12[20] Puzzle, Mature Arcade
Chatan Yarakuu Shanku (The Karate Tournament)[26] 1992-12[20] Fighting (Versus) Arcade
Funky Jet [licensed from Data East][27] 1992-07[20] Platform, Fighting Arcade
Pang Pom's [licensed from Metro][28] 1992 Platform, Puzzle Arcade
Super Pang (Super Buster Bros.) 1992-08[29] Platform, Puzzle, Shooter (Gallery) Super NES
Mahjong Ikaga Desu ka (Mahjong How Are You)[30] 1991? Tabletop, Mahjong, Mature Arcade
Super Pang (Super Buster Bros)[31] 1990-11[20] Platform, Puzzle, Shooter (Gallery) Arcade
Pomping World (Buster Bros, Pang)[32] 1989-11[20] Platform, Puzzle, Shooter (Gallery) Arcade
Mad Motor[33] 1989 Fighting (2.5D) Arcade
Poker Ladies[34] 1989 Casino, Mature Arcade

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