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Mitchell High School is a small high school in western North Carolina located in Mitchell County, North Carolina. Their mascot is the Mountaineers, and the school colors are purple and white.

Mitchell High School opened in 1978 as the result of consolidation of all high schools in Mitchell County. It was built in the small unincorporated community of Ledger between the only two municipalities of Mitchell County, Spruce Pine, North Carolina and Bakersville, North Carolina. For some students in the more remote areas of the county such as Pigeonroost and Poplar, a school bus ride of over an hour is not uncommon.

The population growth of Mitchell County has not been significant since 19781 and therefore it is not surprising that the enrollment of Mitchell High school has also not increased. In 1978, enrollment was near 9002. In 1988 enrollment was down to between 700 and 7502. As of 2006, enrollment is approximately 6863. Expect around 700 to be the enrollment for the next several years.

Mark Woody is the current principal of Mitchell High.4

Mitchell High School is accredited by both the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction and Southern Association of Schools.4

Athletic achievements[edit]

1987-88 Football, 11-2 record, Final 8 in state
1987-88 Wrestling, State Champions
1996 Girls' Basketball, State Champions
1999-2000 Boys' Basketball, 23-5 record, Final 4 in state
2003 Girls' Basketball, State Champions
2006-07 Wrestling, 45-3 record, Final 4 in state 2010 football, western finals runner-up 2011 football, conference champion, 11-2 record 2013 wrestling, state champions 2014 wrestling, state champions 2015 wrestling, state championshiprunner-up, 1 individual state champion 2015 football, conference champions, 14-2, state championship runner-up

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