Mitchell Kilduff

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Mitchell Kilduff
080511 - Mitchell Kilduff swimming - 3b - 2011 Oceania Paralympic Championships action photo.jpg
Kilduff at the 2011 Oceania Paralympic Championships
Personal information
Full name Mitchell Kilduff
Nationality  Australia
Born (1996-02-29) 29 February 1996 (age 21)
Sport Swimming
Strokes Freestyle, butterfly, medley
Classifications S14, SB14, SM14
Club SLC Aquadot
Coach Gavin Stewart

Mitchell Kilduff (born 29 February 1996) is an Australian swimmer. He was selected to represent Australia at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in swimming. He did not win a medal at the 2012 Games.

Early life[edit]

Kilduff was born on 29 February 1996, and is from Carlton, New South Wales.[1][2] He was diagnosed with autism when he was six years old.[1][3] During his early school years, he faced considerable challenges. Following that, he was home schooled.[3] In 2009, he attended Endeavour Sports High School.[2] As of 2012, he is a student at Kingsgrove North High School[1] while mentoring other swimmers with autism.[3]

Swimming career[edit]

Kilduff is an S14 classified swimmer,[1][4] who has set world records in several events including the long course 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle, the 100m butterfly, the 400m freestyle, and the source course 50m butterfly events in his classification.[1][5] He is a member of SLC Aquadot and his coach is Gavin Stewart,[1] who began coaching him in 2009.[5] He has competed against able-bodied athletes.[2]

Kilduff started swimming in 2006,[1] and began taking lessons in 2007.[3] In 2009, he was training seven days a week.[2]

At the 2010 Australian national championships, Kilduff earned two gold medals.[1] The following year at the same competition, he earned a total of seven medals, three of them gold.[1] In 2011, he had nine swimming training sessions a week, with each session lasting about two hours.[5] At the 2011 Australian Age Multi-Class Championships hosted at the Australian Institute of Sport pool, he won seven gold medals.[5]

Kilduff first represented Australia in 2011, making his debut at the Arafura Games.[1][6] At the Italian-hosted 2011 Global Games, he won a pair of silver medals and four gold medals. His silver medals came in the 4 × 100 m freestyle relay event and the 200m freestyle event where he had a time of 2:03.12. He earned a gold in the 50m freestyle event in a time of 25.78.[1][5][7][8][9] He was selected to represent Australian Paralympics in swimming.[4][10] He did not medal at the 2012 Games.[1]

Personal bests[edit]

Course Event Time Meet Swim Date Reference
Long 50m Backstroke 31.11 2012 EnergyAustralia Swimming Championships 20-Mar-12 [11]
Long 100m Backstroke 01:10.5 2011 NSW State Open Championsh 11-Feb-11 [11]
Long 50m Breaststroke 33.16 2011 NSW Metropolitan Champion 11-Dec-10 [11]
Long 100m Breaststroke 01:14.8 2011 Telstra Australian Swimmi 1-Apr-11 [11]
Long 200m Breaststroke 03:03.6 2009 NSW State 10/U-12 Years A 10-Jan-09 [11]
Long 50m Butterfly 27.09 2015 Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships 5-Apr-15 [11]
Long 100m Butterfly 01:00.7 2012 NSW State Age 13–18 Years Championships 15-Jan-12 [11]
Long 200m Butterfly 02:21.2 2012 NSW State Age 13–18 Years Championships 11-Jan-12 [11]
Long 50m Freestyle 24.84 2012 EnergyAustralia Swimming Championships 16-Mar-12 [11]
Long 100m Freestyle 55.71 2012 EnergyAustralia Swimming Championships 19-Mar-12 [11]
Long 200m Freestyle 02:04.1 2012 EnergyAustralia Swimming Championships 18-Mar-12 [11]
Long 400m Freestyle 04:26.7 2012 NSW State Open Championships All Events 11-Feb-12 [11]
Long 800m Freestyle 09:37.0 2010 NSW State 13–18 Years Age 4-Jan-10 [11]
Long 200m Medley 02:24.0 2011 Telstra Australian Swimmi 1-Apr-11 [11]
Short 50m Backstroke 30.76 2012 NSW Metropolitan SC Championships 15-Jul-12 [11]
Short 100m Backstroke 01:08.5 2012 NSW SC Qualifying Meet 19-May-12 [11]
Short 50m Breaststroke 32.67 2011 Australian Short Course Championships 2-Jul-11 [11]
Short 100m Breaststroke 01:12.5 2012 NSW SC Qualifying Meet 20-May-12 [11]
Short 50m Butterfly 27.45 2011 Australian Short Course Championships 3-Jul-11 [11]
Short 100m Butterfly 01:00.4 2011 Australian Short Course Championships 2-Jul-11 [11]
Short 200m Butterfly 02:16.3 2011 NSW State Age SC Championships 14-Aug-11 [11]
Short 50m Freestyle 24.89 2010 NSW State Age SC Champion 13-Aug-10 [11]
Short 100m Freestyle 55 2011 NSW State Age SC Championships 12-Aug-11 [11]
Short 200m Freestyle 02:02.4 2011 NSW Metropolitan SC Championships 16-Jul-11 [11]
Short 100m Medley 01:22.0 2007 NSW SC Development Meet 30-Sep-07 [11]
Short 200m Medley 02:24.9 2011 Australian Short Course Championships 1-Jul-11 [11]


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