Mitchell River (Quesnel River)

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For the other river named Mitchell River in BC, see Mitchell River (Cross River).
Mitchell River
Elizabeth Lake with Sunburst Valley.jpg
Mitchell River Valley
Country Canada
State British Columbia
Mouth Quesnel River
 - coordinates 52°47′00″N 120°49′00″W / 52.78333°N 120.81667°W / 52.78333; -120.81667Coordinates: 52°47′00″N 120°49′00″W / 52.78333°N 120.81667°W / 52.78333; -120.81667

The Mitchell River is a tributary of the Quesnel River, approximately 30 miles (48 km) long, near the eastern boundary of British Columbia, Canada. It originates in glaciers in the northern Columbia Mountains and flows generally southwest through Mitchell Lake into Quesnel Lake, and its water eventually travels down the Fraser River to the Pacific Ocean. Almost half of its course is flooded in natural lakes. Mitchell Lake, about 7 miles (11 km) long, is near the middle of the Mitchell River's course, and the river's lower 10 miles (16 km) are flooded by Quesnel Lake, although both bodies of water are natural.[1]