Mitchell River (Western Australia)

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Mitchell River
Physical characteristics
 - elevation441 metres (1,447 ft)[1]
 - location
Walmsley Bay
 - elevation
sea level
Length117 kilometres (73 mi)[2]
Basin size2,955 square kilometres (1,141 sq mi)[3]

Mitchell River is a river in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The river rises north east of Sharp Hill and flows in a north-westerly direction until discharging into the Indian Ocean via Walmsley Bay near Port Warrender.

The best known feature of the river is Mitchell Falls located within the Mitchell River National Park, a three tiered series of drops with a combined height of nearly 80 metres.

In 1921 the river was named after Sir James Mitchell the Premier of Western Australia by surveyor W.R. Eastman.

Nine species of freshwater fish are known to inhabit the waters of the Mitchell River.

There is another Mitchell River located in Western Australia that is a tributary of the Hay River in the south of the state.


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Coordinates: 14°43′15″S 125°38′21″E / 14.72083°S 125.63917°E / -14.72083; 125.63917