Mithrim Montes

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Mithrim Montes
PIA20023 - Radar View of Titan's Tallest Mountains.jpg
Despeckled SAR view by Cassini; the tallest peak is near the center of the lower (southern) ridge
Feature type Mountain range
Coordinates 2°S 127°W / 2°S 127°W / -2; -127Coordinates: 2°S 127°W / 2°S 127°W / -2; -127
Diameter 147 km
Eponym Mithrim Mountains

The Mithrim Montes are a range of mountains on Titan, the largest moon of the planet Saturn. The range is located near Titan's equator, between 1-3° south and 126-8° west [1] and consists of three parallel ridges that are oriented east-west, spaced about 25 km apart.[2] They are located within the region Xanadu.[3] The highest peak is about 3,337 m (10,948 ft) high and is located on the southernmost of the ridges; it is the highest known peak on Titan.[2]

The Mithrim Montes are named after the Mithrim Mountains, a range in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth.[1] This follows a convention that Titanean mountains are named after mountains in Tolkien's work.[4] The name was formally announced on November 13, 2012.[5]


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