Mithuna (astrology)

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Mithuna is the third sign in Indian astrology. The Mithuna is equivalent to the Gemini in Tropical Zodiac. The only difference is that Mithuna is represented by a man and a woman. Mithuna stands for couple (which Mithuna is represented by). The dates occupied under this sign are June 16 to July 15.[1][2] In Mithuna (as seen only in the birth chart), Mercury is the ruler. Moon, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu sees this sign and its ruling planet as a friend, the Sun sees the said two as neutral while Mars, Jupiter, and Ketu sees the former as hostile for them. Emerald is their principal gemstone, night time is their time of strength, and 5 is their principal lucky number. In its ascendant (or lagna), Venus is the most auspicious planet.