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Mito Hollyhock
Full name Football Club Mito HollyHock Ibaraki
Nickname(s) HollyHock, FC Mito
Founded 1990, 1994
Ground K's denki Stadium Mito
Mito, Ibaraki
Ground Capacity 12,000
Chairman Kunio Numata
Manager Takayuki Nishigaya
League J. League Division 2
2015 19th
Website Club home page
Current season

Mito HollyHock (水戸ホーリーホック Mito Hōrīhokku?) is a Japanese professional football (soccer) club, currently playing in the J2 League. The team's hometown is located in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Its nickname "HollyHock" derives from the family crest of the Tokugawa clan who governed from Mito in the Edo period.


The club was founded in 1990 as Prima Aseno FC by the factory workers of Prima Ham (a food company) in Tsuchiura. It changed its name to Prima Ham FC Tsuchiura and gained promotion to the Japan Football League after finishing as runner-up in the 1996 Regional League play-off. It merged with FC Mito (founded in 1994) and re-branded itself as Mito HollyHock before the start of the 1997 season when Prima Ham decided to discontinue its financial support to the club.

Mito's application to play in the inaugural 1999 season of J. League Division 2 was initially turned down due to an unstable financial and fan base. However, after finishing 3rd in the Japan Football League in 1999 and gaining support, the club was invited into the J. League in 2000.

As of 2016, Mito HollyHock fields teams in women's football[1] in Kanto league division 2, and ice hockey[2] in the Ibaraki prefecture league.


Being a traditionally weak club in the league, Mito has tended to play a defensive game and has proven successful at it. This stinginess at the back is often referred to as "Mito-nachio" after the Catenaccio playing style, which is also a pun on the hometown's local specialty, Mito natto.

Recently, though, the team has been attempting implementation of stronger offensive tactics in an attempt to gain momentum for a promotion bid.

Current squad[edit]

As of 10 December, 2015. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Japan GK Koji Homma
2 Japan DF Taiki Tamukai
3 Japan DF Yudai Tanaka
4 Japan DF Takamasa Yamazaki
5 North Korea DF Kim Song-Gi
6 Japan DF Kose Ishigami
7 Japan MF Yuto Suzuki
8 Japan MF Ken Iwao (on loan from Shonan Bellmare)
9 Japan MF Kenji Koyano
10 Japan MF Keisuke Funatani
11 Japan FW Kohei Mishima
13 Japan DF Natsuki Mugikura
14 Japan FW Tsuyoshi Miyaichi (on loan from Shonan Bellmare)
15 Japan FW Taisei Kadoguchi
16 Vietnam FW Nguyễn Công Phượng (on loan from Hoàng Anh Gia Lai)
No. Position Player
17 Japan DF Ryo Shinzato
18 Japan MF Eiji Shirai
19 Japan FW Yuki Yamamura
21 Japan GK Takashi Kasahara
22 Japan DF Kohei Uchida
23 Japan GK Akihisa Okada
24 Japan DF Junya Hosokawa
26 South Korea DF Song Joo-Hun
28 Japan MF Tsukasa Ozawa
30 Japan FW Takayuki Suzuki
34 Japan MF Makito Yoshida (on loan from Nagoya Grampus)
39 Japan FW Kenji Baba
- South Korea MF Park Kwang-Il
- Japan MF Kenta Nishioka

Out on loan[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Japan MF Yuki Shimada (at ReinMeer Aomori)

Record as J. League member[edit]

Season Div. Tms. Pos. Attendance/G J. League Cup Emperor's Cup
2000 J2 10 9 2,021 1st Round 3rd Round
2001 J2 12 11 1,559 1st Round 3rd Round
2002 J2 12 10 2,739 - 3rd Round
2003 J2 12 7 3,085 - 3rd Round
2004 J2 12 9 3,773 - 4th Round
2005 J2 12 10 3,334 - 4th Round
2006 J2 13 10 3,017 - 3rd Round
2007 J2 13 12 2,415 - 4th Round
2008 J2 15 11 3,044 - 4th Round
2009 J2 18 8 2,673 - 2nd Round
2010 J2 19 16 3,608 - 3rd Round
2011 J2 20 17 3,349 - 4th Round
2012 J2 22 13 3,973 - 3rd Round
2013 J2 22 15 4,630 - 3rd Round
2014 J2 22 15 4,734 - 3rd Round
2015 J2 22 19 4,816 - 4th Round
  • Tms. = Number of teams
  • Pos. = Position in league
  • Attendance/G = Average league attendance

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