Mitochondrial ribosome

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A diagram showing mtDNA (circular) and mitochondrial ribosomes among other mitochondria structures

Mitochondrial ribosome or mitoribosome is a protein complex that is active in mitochondria and functions as a riboprotein for translating mitochondrial mRNAs encoded in mtDNA. Mitoribosomes, like cytoplasmic ribosomes, consist of two subunits — large (mtLSU) and small (mt-SSU).[1] However, the ratio of rRNA/protein is different from cytoplasmic ribosomes, mitoribosomes consist of several specific proteins and less rRNAs.[1]


Mitochondria contain around 1000 proteins in yeast and 1500 proteins in humans; however only 8 and 13 proteins are encoded in mitochondrial DNA in yeast and human, respectively. Most mitochondrial proteins are synthesized via cytoplasmic ribosomes.[2] Proteins that are the key components in the electron transport chain are translated in mitochondria.[3][4]


Mammalian mitoribosomes have small 28S and large 39S subunits, together forming a 55S mitoribosome.[5]



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