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Mitra or Mithra may refer to:

Indo-Iranian deity[edit]

  • Mitra, an Indo-Iranian deity
    • Mitra (Vedic) (Sanskrit Mitrá-, Mitráḥ), a deity (asura) who appears frequently in the ancient Indian text of the Rigveda
    • Mithra (Avestan Miθra-, Miθrō), a yazata mentioned in the Zoroastrian sacred scripture of the Avesta, whose modern Persian equivalent is Mehr
    • Mithras, the principal figure of the Greco-Roman religion of Mithraism
  • As a given name:
  • as a surname,


The episcopal mitre's name comes from the Greek word mitra (μίτρα).

Organisms named for their resemblance to a mitre:


  • La Mitra, a town in the Panamá province of Panama
  • Cerro de las Mitras ("Miter Hill" or "Miter Mountain"), a mountain in Nuevo León, Mexico
    • Colonias Mitras Centro, Mitras Norte and Mitras Sur, neighborhoods in Monterrey, Nuevo León, named for the mountain; served by Mitras (Monterrey Metro) (aka Estación Mitras), a station on the Line 1 of the Monterrey Metro


organisation or product names:

popular culture:


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