Mitra Farahani

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Mitra Farahani
Bake-ituna-Tratado de paz. Mitra Farahani. Le recyclage moderne des enfants sacrés.jpg
Native nameمیترا فراهانی
OccupationFilmmaker, Painter
Notable workFifi Howls from Happiness

Mitra Farahani (in Persian: میترا فراهانی‎, born 1975,[1] Tehran) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian filmmaker and painter who currently lives in Paris.

Farahani has a degree in graphic art at the Azad University in Tehran, after which she moved to Paris.[2]

She was arrested on June 17, 2009 by the Iranian government, on her arrival in Tehran from Paris and held in Evin Prison. It is said that her arrest is linked to the crackdown of opposition by the Iranian regime following the presidential election and also making the regime angry by making some non-Islamic films outside Iran.[3][4] The Iranian government released her from prison on 30 June 2009.[3]


Farahani has directed several films including;

  • Juste une femme (in English: Just a Woman) (2002), a film about Morvarid's recent gender reassignment in Iran.[5]
  • Tabous - Zohre & Manouchehr (2004)
  • Behjat Sadr: Time Suspended (2006)
  • Fifi az Khoshhali Zooze Mikeshad (in English: Fifi Howls from Happiness) (2012), a documentary about the Iranian painter, sculptor and theatre director, Bahman Mohasses.[5]

Farahani has worked as a cinematographer for films including;

  • Ziarat (English: Pilgrimage)(2005)
  • Fifi az Khoshhali Zooze Mikeshad (in English: Fifi Howls from Happiness) (2012)


Farahani's Just a Woman film won a Teddy Award in 2002.

In 2014 she was selected as a member of the jury for the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.[6]

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