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Location of Mitsamiouli on the island of Grande Comore

Mitsamiouli (population 6,100) is a town on the northwest coast of Grande Comore in the Comoros.


On 23 November 1996, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 made a crash-landing in the shallow waters 500 meters (1,600 ft) offshore from Le Galawa Beach Hotel in Mitsamiouli. Of the 175 passengers, 125 died, despite rescue attempts by island residents and tourists.[1]


Mitsamiouli lies on the northwest coast of the island, along the main coast road RN-1 and RN-3. This coastal road connects it to Djomani and Ntsaouéni further to the south on the west coast and Ivoini on the northeast coast. The RR 122 road runs south from Mitsamiouli and leads to the village of Bangoi Mafsankoa further inland, which has its own mosque.[2]


Tourism is important in the area, particularly from European honeymooners.[3] Fishing is also practiced in Mitsamiouli.[4] Galawa Beach Hotel was situated just outside of town.[5] There is also a hospital.[6]

Notable people[edit]


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Coordinates: 11°23′S 43°17′E / 11.383°S 43.283°E / -11.383; 43.283