Mitsubishi 2G1 engine

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Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Also called Red, Gold engine
Production 1968–76
Combustion chamber
Configuration two-stroke I2
Predecessor ME21/24
Successor Vulcan 2G2

The Mitsubishi 2G1 engine is a water-cooled iron-block two-stroke twin-cylinder engine built by Mitsubishi Motors for the kei car class from 1968. They were first introduced in the first generation Minica[1] to replace (and to complement) the otherwise similar but air-cooled ME24 powerplant.[2] The difference of nomenclature compared to the ME24 is due to Mitsubishi's 1967 change of engine naming practice, 2G1 meaning it was in the first family of two-cylinder gasoline-powered engines. The "0" in "2G10" means that it was the first displacement version produced, with numbers after a dash (e.g. 2G10-5) then denoting the various subiterations.

The 2G10 engine was replaced by the 2G21 "Vulcan" engine, a four-stroke unit of identical displacement which first appeared in September 1972. The two-stroke 2G10 did continue to be produced as a low-cost alternative until new Kei car regulations took effect in January 1976, mainly for commercial vehicles.



Engine type Twin-cylinder two-stroke[2]
Displacement 359 cc
Bore x stroke 62.0 x 59.6 mm
Fuel type Self mix oil and gasoline
Peak power 23 PS (17 kW) at 5500 rpm 2G10, Minica LA23 SDX
28 PS (21 kW) at 6000 rpm[2] 2G10-1, first "Red"
38 PS (28 kW) at 7000 rpm 2G10-2, "Gold"
34 PS (25 kW) at ? rpm 2G10-4, second "Red"
31 PS (23 kW) at 6500 rpm[3] 2G10-5, third "Red" (Minica 73, Minica Van)
28 PS (21 kW) at 6000 rpm (Minicab W, 1972-197?)[4]
Peak torque 3.4 kg·m (33 N·m; 25 lb·ft) at 5000 rpm 2G10, Minica LA23 SDX
3.6 kg·m (35 N·m; 26 lb·ft) at 5000 rpm 2G10-1 first "Red"
3.9 kg·m (38 N·m; 28 lb·ft) at 6500 rpm 2G10-2 "Gold"
3.8 kg·m (37 N·m; 27 lb·ft) at 5500 rpm 2G10-5 third "Red" (Minica 73, Minica Van)
3.7 kg·m (36 N·m; 27 lb·ft) at 4000 rpm (Minicab W, 1972-197?)


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