Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Midi

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Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Midi
Communitybus mirai21 inShinmei.JPG
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Fuso
Production 1988-present
Body and chassis
Class Complete bus
Bus chassis
Body style Single-decker bus (short, medium & long body)
Doors 1 or 2
Floor type Step-entrance
Low entry
Low floor
Related Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Bus
Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP
Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM
Engine 6D14, 6D15, 6D16, 6D17, 6M60, 6M61, 4M50
Transmission 5-speed manual
Length 7.0m to 10.1m
Width 2.52m
Height 3.0m
Predecessor Mitsubishi Fuso MK Series

The Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Midi (kana: 三菱ふそう・エアロミディ) is a step-entrance, low entry and low floor midibus produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Fuso since 1988. It is primarily available as public buses and sightseeing buses ranged from lengths of 7.0m to 10.1m. The range can be built as either a complete bus or a bus chassis.

The Mitsubishi Fuso MK Series was built between 1974 and 1988. The Aero Midi appeared in 1988 after the replacement for the MK Series. The Aero Midi ceased production in 2007 and replaced by the Aero Midi-S in 2008. After the Aero Midi-S ceased production in 2010, production of the Aero Midi city bus recommenced in the following year. The Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Midi is the low entry and smaller version of the low floor Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star city bus.

MK Series (1974-1988)[edit]

  • MK103H (1974)
  • MK115 (1976)
  • K-MK116 (1979)
  • P-MK116/516 (1984)

Aero Midi (First generation, 1988-1993)[edit]

  • P-MK117/126/517 (1988)
  • P-MM117/517 (1988)
  • P-MJ117/527 (1988)
  • U-MK117/517 (1990)
  • U-MJ517/527 (1990)
  • U-MM117/517 (1990)

Aero Midi (Second generation, 1993-2007, 2011-present)[edit]

  • U-MK117/218/517/525/527/595/618 (1993)
  • U-MJ217/628 (1993)
  • KC-MK219/619 (1995)
    • KC-MK219J (One-step bus, 1998)
  • KC-MJ218/629 (1995)
  • KK-MK23/25/26/27 (1999)
  • KK-MJ23/26 (1999)
  • KK-ME17 (2002)
  • PA-MK17/25/27 (2005)
  • PA-MJ26 (2005)
  • PA-ME17 (2005)
  • SKG-MK27 (2011)
  • TKG-MK27 (2012)

Aero Midi-S (2008-2010)[edit]

The Aero Midi-S is a rebadged Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM and Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP. A common design is that it has a rounded roof dome (similar to the Nissan Diesel Space Runner RM and the Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP) with a double-curvature windscreen and a separately mounted destination sign.

  • PDG-AR820 (2008)
  • PDG-AJ820 (2008)

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