Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star

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Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star
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Manufacturer Mitsubishi Fuso
Production 1984-present
Body and chassis
Class Buses
Body style Bus
Engine 6D22, 6D24, 6M70, MD92 (UD Trucks), 6M60
Transmission 5-speed manual
INOMAT 6-speed automatic
Allison 5-speed automatic
Wheelbase 4.8 meter, 5.3 meter
Predecessor Mitsubishi Fuso MP Series

The Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star (kana:三菱ふそう・エアロスター) is a heavy-duty city bus produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Fuso since 1984.

Its principal competitors are Isuzu Erga, Nissan Diesel Space Runner RA and Hino Blue Ribbon.

Fuso full-size city bus (1950-1976)[edit]

  • MR Series (1960–1964)
  • B800 Series (Line)
    • B800, B805 (1967)
    • B820J (1969)

MP Series (1976-1984)[edit]

  • MP107/117/517 (1976)
  • K-MP107/MP118/518 (1980)
  • P-MP118/518 (1983)

Aero Star (first series, 1984-1996)[edit]

  • P-MP218/618 (1984)
  • U-MP218/618 (1990)
    • U-MP618kai (MBECS Hybrid, 1993)
  • U-MP628 (1993)
  • KC-MP217/617/627 (1995)

Aero Star (second series, 1996-present)[edit]

  • KC-MP317/717 (1996)
    • KC-MP747 (Non-step Low-Floor)
    • KC-MP737 (MBECS-III [Hybrid])
  • KL-MP35/37 (2000)
    • KL-MP37 kai (Aero Star HEV [Hybrid], 2004)
  • PJ-MP35/37J (2004)
  • PKG-MP35 (2007)
    • BJG-MP37T (Aero Star Eco Hybrid)
      • 4M50 Engine with 79*2 (158) kW Motor Equipped
    • PKG-MP35U kai (Non-step Low-Floor, 2009)
    • Nissan Diesel MD92TJ equipped, with Urea SCR (It requires AdBlue).
  • LKG-/QKG-MP35/37F (2010)
  • QKG-MP35/38F (2014)
    • Face-lifted model of QKG-MP35/37, wheel bases have extended on MP38F.

Since 2007, some Aero Star has been sold as UD Trucks Space Runner A (old name: Nissan Diesel Space Runner A).

Aero Star-S[edit]

The Aero Star-S is a rebadged UD Trucks Space Runner RA (old name: Nissan Diesel Space Runner RA).

  • PKG-AA274/ADG-AA273 (2007)

Transport electrification[edit]

The Eco Hybrid (diesel-electric bus) is now setting new standards in practical trials in Japan. It can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30 percent.[1] The Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Star Eco Hybrid operates with a series hybrid drive, in which the diesel engine does not drive wheels directly but instead is used solely to drive an electrical generator to recharge lithium-ion batteries,[2] connected to the two electric motor (with a combined output of 158 kW), which propel the vehicle.[3]

Daimler Trucks uses such a system for most of its full-hybrid commercial vehicles, including in the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid, while series hybrids are reserved for urban buses, where they work most efficiently.[4]

Range is 300 km (almost 200 miles).[5]

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