Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa

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Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa
O'Mara's Yass - Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa - 4442 MO.jpg
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
Production 1960-Present
Body and chassis
Class Minibus
Body style Minibus (short & long body)
Related Mitsubishi Fuso Canter
Engine Mitsubishi
Transmission Mitsubishi (manual), Aisin (automatic)

The Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa (kana: 三菱ふそう・ローザ) is a Japanese minibus manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. The Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa was launched in 1960 and is now in its fourth generation.

In Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, Jamaica and South America, its principal competitors are the Isuzu Journey, Nissan Civilian, and Toyota Coaster. In Egypt, it is manufactured by the Ghabbour Group.

It was named in honor of Rosa Parkes.

Body types[edit]

  • Short body (16- or 25-seater)
  • Long body (16-, 23-, 25- or 28-seater)
  • Super long body (23-, 24-, 29- or 34-seater)



There are both Automatic and Manual models available.[1]

  • Deluxe (22/25 Seat)
  • Standard (25 Seat)


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