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Vossloh G1206 locomotive in glossy black Mitsui (MRCE) livery

Mitsui Rail Capital (MRC) is a railways rolling stock leasing company and part of Mitsui & Co. based in Japan. Its main activities are the purchase and rental (or leasing) of railway freight cars and locomotives.

United States[edit]

Mitsui Rail Capital, LLC (MRC) was established in June 1996 in the U.S. state of Illinois and has business offices in Chicago (Illinois) and Des Moines (Iowa).

Unitrain MRC was acquired in 1997 specialising in coal transportation; the main activity of this organisation is the leasing of freight cars, particularly coal wagons. Furthermore, MRC is also involved in the management and maintenance of freight wagon fleets it operates including logistics services.[1]

Latin America[edit]

Mitsui Rail Capital Latin America (Mitsui Rail Capital Participacões Ltda.) (MRCLA) was established in São Paulo (Brazil) in November 2004.[1]

MRCLAs main area of activity is the rental of freight cars, particularly for iron ore and agricultural products. The company also has the intention of acquiring logistics centers, in particular ports and related trans-shipment centers in Germany.[citation needed]

Its main customers are the Brazilian freight railway companies América Latina Logística (ALL), MRS Logística, and EFVM and EFC, both subsidiaries of Vale S.A. (the ex-Companhia Vale do Rio Doce Group "Vale").[citation needed]


MRCE "Class 66" at Innotrans

Mitsui Rail Capital Europe BV (MRCE) was launched in October 2004 with the headquarters in Amsterdam in the Netherlands as a joint subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.(Japan) and Mitsui & Co. Europe plc. (United Kingdom).

MRCE main activity is the leasing of locomotives in Europe for the now liberalised rail transport system - particularly to new private railway companies.[1]


The company expanded in September 2006 with the acquisition of Siemens Dispolok GmbH (Munich), the operations of the two companies were merged after the acquisition with dispolok being renamed MRCE dispolok in 2008[2]

Locomotives leased from the company carry a distinctive black gloss livery.

Rolling stock[edit]

In 2007 the locomotive pool consisted of ~150 machines from Bombardier Transportation, Siemens Mobility and Vossloh Locomotives.

The inventory of MRCE includes:


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