Mitsumete Knight

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Mitsumete Knight
Developer(s) Konami, Red Company
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) PlayStation
  • JP: March 19, 1998
Genre(s) Dating sim
Mode(s) Single-player

Mitsumete Knight (みつめてナイト) is a dating simulation game produced inconjunction by Konami and Red Company (of Sakura Wars fame, and now named Red Entertainment). It was released in 1998 for the PlayStation. The characters of the game were designed by Takenami Hideyuki (竹浪秀行) who had previously taken part in designs for Sakura Taisen, and specifically, enemy designs for Sakura Taisen 2. The game itself was modified from Tokimeki Memorial: Forever with You, with improvements including an expanded area to display backgrounds and larger characters. However, the gameplay between the two series varies in many areas.


The player is a mercenary from the east travelling to the kingdom of Dolphan, modelled after middle-ages Europe. He had been hired to aid the war fought by the country, which will last throughout the following three years of the game, where the player will meet a number of the different characters and develop a relationship with them. At the end of the third year and the end of the war, Dolphan issues an order for all foreigners within the country borders to be expelled, marking a sudden departure for the player. If the player had developed a fruitful relationship with one of the girls, they will meet the player and leave the country with him (with exceptions to certain characters).


Much similar to Tokimeki Memorial, on which the game's programming is based, the player chooses one of several options to spend his weekdays and Saturday on, with war-related tasks such as sword training or horseback riding. Other non-combat related options are available too such as grooming, studying and resting. On Sundays, the player can choose to find any one of the girls the player has met and arrange for a date on any following Sunday. Alternatively, the weekend can be spent on the usual trainings. There are periodical sword fighting, horseback riding and beauty competitions to award outstanding stats of the player and to impress the characters. Different titles are given to the player according to the strengths or weaknesses. A second part of the game lies in fighting the war for Dolphan. One of the ten generals of the opposing country will challenge at different times, with about six fights in total. The player will have to fight the general in a simple RPG-like real-time battle. Failure will not result in a game over, nor alter the outcome of the war per se, but the player will be hospitalized for a full week. If the player wins all of the battles, he will receive an honorary title from the king at the very end, and such is the requirement to finishing the game with one of the main characters, the princess Priscilla.

Sequels and Related Items[edit]

  • The PS RPG "Mitsumete Knight R" was released, featuring various characters of the game returning in the story.
  • Numerous CDs were released including an original soundtrack for both the original game and Mitsumete Knight R. An instrumental concerto album was released. The game's main theme song (sung by the voice actresses of the game's heroine, Sophia) was released as a single and later a vocal album was released featuring image songs by the voice actresses who played Lesley, Priscilla, Sophia and Anne.
  • In addition to the original sound track, four drama CDs were released, revealing many aspects of the story that were hinted but never clarafied, like the truth behind a bomb threat in the church, which occurred in the game. The drama CDs also contain new image songs from characters not featured in the vocal CD.


  • Sparkster, the opossum rocket knight, makes a cameo appearance in the game where the player can meet him on the streets. Upon meeting him and finishing the game, a secret store opens that sells special items to be used in the game, where Sparkster is the shop-keeper. His appearance in the game is the only instance where his voice is heard.
  • Many of the characters die throughout the course of the story, even some of the main characters, and is highly dependent on the actions of the player. Such is quite uncommon for a dating simulation game.
  • It was one of the few PlayStation titles compatible with the PlayStation mouse.