Mitta Miraasu

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Mitta Miraasu
Directed byKalanjiyam
Produced byCR Karunanidhi
N Rajendran
Kovai Sarala
Music byAslam Mustafa
Release date
10 October 2001[1]

Mitta Miraasu is a South Indian Tamil film directed by Kalanjiyam released in 2001.


Chellaiya (Prabhu) has two missions in life. The first is to remove the taint on the family name and expose the man behind his family's misfortunes. The second is to make his younger sibling a lawyer so that it will help him in achieving the first mission. The villain of the piece is Chellaiya's uncle Masilamani (Alex), who had turned the villagers against Chellaiya's father Singha Perumal (Napoleon). Humiliated by the same people who had revered him once, Perumal dies of shock soon after (a laborious death scene). A few decades have passed since the incident, but Chellaiya seems nowhere near to fulfilling his mission, nor has Masilamani given up his wicked ways.

In fact, Masilamani is stronger now, what with his two sons grown up and matching their father step-to-step in his villainy. The trio has no redeeming qualities. Many cliched scenes later, Chellaiya fulfills his mission and redeems his family's reputation.



Prabhu and Napoleon team together in 'Mitta Mirasu'. And playing the female leads are Roja and Mumtaz. Manivannan, Kovai Sarala,Vadivelu, Ravi Rahul, Satya Prakash, Sunder, Alex,Chaplin Balu, and new face Shakthi form the supporting cast. The film is produced by C.R.Karunanidhi, N.Rajendran and M.Kalanjiyam. Kalanjiyam, who earlier directed films like 'Poomani', 'Poonthottam', 'Kizhakkum Merkkum' and 'Nilave Mugham Kaattu', has written the story, screenplay and dialogues apart from directing the film.

Shooting is on at locations in Ooty, Gobichettypalayam, and Pollachi. The film has art design by Uma Shanker, dance choreography by Lalitha Mani, Stunt arrangements by Super Subbarayan, and editing by Lenin-Vijayan. Vairamuthu has done the lyrics, which are tuned by new music director, Aslam Mustafa. Mustafa has earlier sung some songs for A.R.Rehman and earned appreciation for his songs in 'Malli'.[2]

Meena had earlier refused to work in the film, feeling that the role of playing a mother on-screen would hurt further opportunities for her.[3]


  • Jal Jal - Shankar Mahadevan
  • Mittamirasu - Mano
  • Adiye - Chitra
  • Kichu Kichu - Srinivas, Jaya
  • Vannakiliye - Srinivas, Sujatha


  • Tamil Nadu State Award for Best Villain - Alex.[4]

Critical reception[edit]

Critic wrote:"It is the same old storyline, same old incidents, practically the same old stars and the same old performances. The director tries to whip up excitement towards the end with some violent, bloody action scenes, but then it is a bit too late",[5] while another critic wrote:"Mitta Miraasu sets several things up and raises expectations but then fails to deliver on those expectations. Problems arise and issues are created but all of them end in a rather lame manner".[6]


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