Mittelberg (Thuringian Highland)

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Mittelberg is located in Thuringia
Highest point
Elevation 803.6 m (2,636 ft)
Coordinates 50°30′42″N 11°11′32″E / 50.51167°N 11.19222°E / 50.51167; 11.19222Coordinates: 50°30′42″N 11°11′32″E / 50.51167°N 11.19222°E / 50.51167; 11.19222
Location Thuringia, Germany
Parent range Thuringian Forest
Map of the Rennsteig trail

The Mittelberg is an 803.6 m high (above sea level) mountain located in the Thuringian Highland, Thuringia (Germany).

It is located close to the municipalities of Piesau and Lichte and the Leibis-Lichte Dam in the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park.

The section of the Rennsteig walkway between Neuhaus am Rennweg, Ernstthal am Rennsteig, and Spechtsbrunn runs close to the mountain.

Neighbouring mountains
Description Height

above sea level

Direction Particularity
Apelsberg 785.3 m W Coniferous forest
Rückersbiel 755.6 m W NW with the Sauhuegel (722 m, W)
Hahnberg 685.3 m NW Pastureland
Mutzenberg 770.0.6 m N NE Coniferous forest
Rauhhügel 801.9 m N NE Observation tower, radio mast

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