Mittineague Park

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Coordinates: 42°6′3″N 72°39′10″W / 42.10083°N 72.65278°W / 42.10083; -72.65278

Mittineague Park is an approximately 325-acre (1.32 km2) urban park located in the southern section of the town of West Springfield, Massachusetts (In neighborhoods, Tatham and Mittineague). The park contains a wide range of services typical of a park of this type, including many baseball/softball diamonds, and trails for hiking or cross-country skiing. It has a large pavilion, and a building that is used as a summer camp for children with special needs. Special events are scheduled at the park, including events for children. It contains a greenhouse and a community garden. There is an interpretive trail created by the "Friends of Mittineague Park".

Native peoples were active in the area up until 400 years ago. The southwestern part of West Springfield is still called Tatham, a name derived from the Algonkian name for the brook. The Westfield River, which runs at the outermost perimeter and most of the park's terrain was created by glaciers (the Hitchcock glacial lake/Laurentide ice sheet) as they retreated 15-20,000 years ago.

Mittineague Park is home to wildlife such as hawks, beavers, frogs, foxes, fishers (a.k.a. Fisher Cats), and deer. The deer are most active during the winter season, and are found grazing year round in the meadows which were once part of a farm.