Mittlerer Sonnblick

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Mittlerer Sonnblick
Grosser und Mittlerer Sonnblick.JPG
Großer Sonnblick (centre) and Mittlerer Sonnblick (right)
Highest point
Elevation 3,000 m (AA) (9,800 ft)
Prominence 100 m
Isolation 0.660 km
Listing easternmost 3,000er of the Alps
Coordinates 47°03′09″N 13°25′51″E / 47.0525°N 13.43083°E / 47.0525; 13.43083Coordinates: 47°03′09″N 13°25′51″E / 47.0525°N 13.43083°E / 47.0525; 13.43083
Mittlerer Sonnblick is located in Austria
Mittlerer Sonnblick
Mittlerer Sonnblick
Parent range Ankogel Group, High Tauern

The Mittlerer Sonnblick is a 3,000 metre high[1] sub-peak of the Großer Sonnblick (3,030 m) to which it is linked by a knife-edge ridge. It is a border peak between the two Austrian federal states of Carinthia and Salzburg. It lies within the Ankogel Group of mountains, a sub-group of the High Tauern.

The mountain has a prominence of 100 metres and an isolation of 660 metres.[2]

The peak has achieved certain renown, no doubt because it is the easternmost three-thousander in the Alps. It is certainly not wrong to say that the Großer Sonnblick is the easternmost mountain in the Alps that exceeds the 3,000-metre mark, but it is not the easternmost point in the Alps that reaches that height.


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