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Developer(s)Mitto LLC
Operating systemCross-platform
TypePassword manager
LicenseProprietary software

Mitto is a free online password management site[1] that works on any standards-compliant web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. For website passwords, Mitto can automatically log users in through an online interface, through a special bookmarklet, or through one of its available browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). The service has been designed to work with many of the most popular websites, but can be used to log into any website.[2] Unlike other traditional password management software, Mitto is software as a service (SaaS) and is web-based, so there is nothing to download or install in order to use the service.

One of the distinguishing features of online password managers such as Mitto is that it is accessible from any browser on any platform and does not require synchronization.


Encryption, security[edit]

Mitto uses 128-bit SSL certificates to encrypt all traffic between the browser and their servers, and passwords are encrypted using 1024-bit RSA or 256-bit AES encryption algorithms.[4]

Mitto vs OpenID[edit]

Mitto is a password manager and is different from OpenID, which is a standard for authenticating users. For a user to be able to use OpenID to log into a website, that website must implement OpenID. Companies such as Clickpass offer the ability to log into various sites that support OpenID, but not others. Mitto can be used to log into any website whether or not it supports OpenID. Similar to OpenID, Facebook Connect is a proprietary standard that can be used to authenticate users and integrates their Facebook profiles. However it can only be used on a site if that site implements Facebook Connect.

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