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Mitya Fomin
Митя Фомин
Background information
Birth name Dmitri Fomin
Born (1974-02-17) February 17, 1974 (age 44)
Origin Novosibirsk, RSFSR, USSR
Genres Pop , R&B, Soul, Fusion
Occupation(s) Singer, dancer, record producer
Instruments Vocals
Years active Hi-Fi (1998 – 2009)
Solo (2009 – present)
Labels Gala Records
Associated acts Hi-Fi (1998 – 2009)
Erica Chanturia
Pavla Esenina
Maxim Fadeev
Aleksandr Sakharov
Website Official Site

Dmitri Anatolevich Fomin known by his stage name Mitya Fomin (in Russian Димитрий "Митя" Анатольевич Фомин) (born in Novosibirsk, RSFSR, USSR on 17 January 1974) is a Russian solo singer, dancer and producer. Between 1998 and 2009, he was a member of the group Hi-Fi.

He was born to Anatol Danilov, an associate professor at the Institute of Communications and Tamara Pavlov, an engineer. His sister Svetlana ia also a singer in a music ensemble of ancient music. Dmitri Fomin studied at the Novosibirsk Medical Institute graduating with a diploma as a pediatrician. He travelled briefly to the United States and England to pursue a musical thater and drama career and started writing music. He also enrolled in Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (Всероссийский государственный университет кинематографии - ВГИК).

Starting January 2018 Fomin is banned for 3 years from entering Ukraine because of his (during a concert in Lviv) claim that since the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea Crimea is "Russian territory."[1]

With Hi-Fi[edit]

Mitya Formin as part of Hi-Fi

Later on, Mitya Fomin moved to Moscow where his friends producer Erica Chanturia and composer Pavla Esenina offered him to join Hi-Fi in 1998 with Oksana Oleshko and later on Tatyana Tereshina. Hi-Fi had a prosperous long career with debut album "Первый контакт" and further albums. Famous singles include "Не дано", "Беспризорник", "Глупые люди", "А мы любили", "Седьмой лепесток", and "Мы не ангелы" that were hits on the Russian charts.

While in the group, Mitya started working with many writers and composers for his own work and decided to leave the group in January 2009 after more than 10 years with the band.[2]


In March 2009, he collaborated with songwriter and producer Maxim Fadeev in releasing his debut solo single "Две земли". The music video directed by Yevgeny Kuritsin with a spaceship theme topped the Russian MTV charts. The follow up single in January 2010 was "Вот и всё". The third single "Всё будет хорошо" (Everything's gonna be alright) featuring rapper StuFF. He also released an English-language version "Ok!" became a summer hit in Russia and Europe.

With these solo hits, he released at the end of 2010 his debut solo album Так будет (meaning So it will be) that included his hits and other rhythmic, relax, ambient and easy dance songs. He also released single "Перезимуем" again featuring StuFF with a video directed by Mitya himself. He also collaborated with the Pet Shop Boys in his dance hit single "Огни большого города (Paninaro)" (Ogni Bolshogo Goroda meaning City Lights) and finally "Не манекен" with Christina Orsoy (Кристиной Орсой) filmed in Hong Kong.[3]


Besides directing many of his music videos, Mitya Fomin is also directing videos for other artists, for example Yena's "Эксбой" (Exboy). He is also involved in 2011 series of Russian reality television show Жена напрокат.[4]

Awards / Nominations[edit]

(For awards with Hi-Fi, see Hi-Fi)

Year Awards Song / Album / Artist Category Results
2010 Golden Gramophone Awards
(Золотой Граммофон)
"Всё будет хорошо" Песня[5] Won
Бог Эфира "Вот и всё" Радиохит[6] Nominated
Song of the year (Песня года) "Всё будет хорошо" Лауреат фестиваля[7] Won
2011 Muz-TV Awards (Премия Муз-ТВ) Mitya Formin Прорыв года Nominated
Fashion People Awards Mitya Formin Fashion прорыв Won
RU.TV Awards "Всё будет хорошо" Лучший рингтон[8] Nominated
RU.TV Awards Mitya Formin Реальный приход[8] Won
Golden Gramophone Awards
(Золотой Граммофон)
"Огни большого города (Paninaro)" Песня Nominated
OE Video Music Awards "Огни большого города (Paninaro)" Самый стильный исполнитель[9] Nominated
OE Video Music Awards "Огни большого города (Paninaro)" Прорыв года[10] Nominated



As Hi-Fi (studio albums)
  • 1999: Первый контакт
  • 1999: Репродукция
  • 2001: Запоминай
  • 2002: Новая коллекция 2002 (DJ remixes)
As Hi-Fi (collection albums)
  • 1999: Звёздная серия
  • 2002: Best
  • 2005: Любовное настроение
  • 2008: Best 1
Year Album Details Notes
2010 Так будет
  • Date released: July 27, 2010
  • Label: Gala Records
  • Format: CD, Digital downloads
  1. Больше (feat StuFF)
  2. Две Земли
  3. Тишина
  4. Вот И Все
  5. Все Будет Хорошо (feat StuFF)
  6. Садовник
  7. Так Будет
  8. Смотри
  9. OK! (River Piano Version) feat Kirill Clash
  10. Две Земли (Vengerov & Fedoroff Remix)
  11. Вот И Все (DJ Neitrino & Kirill Clash Remix)


As Hi-Fi
1998 "Ты прости"
(Ty prosti)
Первый контакт
"Не дано"
(Ne dano)
1999 "Беспризорник"
"Про лето"
(Pro leto)
"Чёрный ворон"
(Chornyy voron)
2000 "Он"
"Глупые люди"
(Glupyye lyudi)
"За мной"
(Za mnoy)
2001 "Так легко"
(Tak legko)
2002 "СШ #7 (А мы любили)"
(SSH #7 (A my lyubili))
"Я люблю"
(YA lyublyu)
2004 "Седьмой лепесток"
(Sed'moy lepestok)
Любовное настроение
Best 1
2005 "Берега"
2006 "Взлетай"
"По следам"
(Po sledam)
2007 "Право на счастье"
(Pravo na schast'ye)
2008 "Седьмой лепесток" (Remix)
(Sed'moy lepestok)
"Мы не ангелы"
(My ne angely)
2009 "Две земли"
(Dve zemli)
Так будет
2010 "Вот и всё"
(Vot i vse)
"Всё будет хорошо"
(Vse budet horosho)
featuring StuFF
featuring StuFF -
2011 "Огни большого города (Paninaro)"
(Ogni Bolshogo Goroda (Paninaro))
with Pet Shop Boys
"Не манекен"
(Ne maneken)
featuring Christina Orsoy
(Кристиной Орсой)


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