Mitznefet (Israeli military)

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For the religious headcover, see Mitznefet.
Israeli soldier wearing Mitznefet helmet cover

The Mitznefet (Hebrew מִצְנֶפֶת) is a helmet covering for the infantry helmet used by the Israeli Defense Forces as of 1994. It is considerably larger than the helmet, giving the impression of a militarised chef's hat. The purpose of the floppy helmet cover is to break up the distinctive outline of a helmeted head and thus assist in the camouflage of the wearer. It was originally adapted in the 1990s for guerrilla warfare in the wood and bush land of south Lebanon, later adding a two sided camo, one for desert and one for woodland terrain. The Mitznefet is easily removable, and can be attached to the helmet while folded.[1]

The term comes from the mitznefet, or turban, worn by the high priest in the Temple of Jerusalem, originating in a Hebrew language root meaning "to wrap".