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Mixcrate logo.jpg
Type Private
Founded 2009 (Bay Area, California, United States)
Headquarters Alameda, California, United States
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Chris Yee
Key people Chris Yee (Engineer)
Genghis Mendoza (Product)
Randall Rufino (Marketing)
Ryan Lauterbach (Engineer & Systems Architect)
Bik Singh (Engineer)
Abhishek Agashe (Engineer)
Tony Wan (Project Manager)
Sidney Mitchell (Community Manager)
Website Mixcrate.com
Alexa rank 36,512[1] (as of September 2014)
Type of site Social networking service, music website
Registration Required (to upload and download)
Launched November 2009
Current status Active

Mixcrate is an online audio distribution platform based in California, United States that enables its users to upload, promote and share their DJ mixes to a worldwide audience and to help DJs promote and grow their careers as a professional DJ. It is a community-based platform aimed at DJs to promote their mixes and for fans to follow the work of their favorite DJs, but also caters to music listeners, club promoters, radio stations and event organizers to discover new talent.


Mixcrate was founded and launched by Chris Yee in November 2009.[2] The idea for Mixcrate came about after Yee mentioned the idea to Genghis Mendoza while at their Silicon Valley tech job. Both Yee and Mendoza are from San Francisco and grew up within the mobile DJ scene of the Bay Area.[3] They realized their passion for DJing and web development could create a user-focused destination that would build on the idea of a community. After the development of the site, it was launched to twenty DJ friends and family members to help test. The site gained international viewership from many countries around the world even during the testing period.[4]

The service is described as "the premier platform to enable DJs to share their talent with a worldwide audience while connecting with their peers and fans."[2]


Mixcrate allows users to browse and listen to DJ mixes on the site. Registered users can "like", download (if enabled), save a mix to their playlist, and comment on a mix. Users can also "follow" other users, both DJs and listeners, to be notified of their recent activities on the site such as newly uploaded mixes (by DJs), recent likes and comments etc., which is displayed on the activity feed on the homepage. Registered DJs can upload an unlimited number of mixes, with a file size limit of 190MB for each mix.

Users also have the option of directly sharing mixes via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Mixcrate has worked with other tops brands such as Intel, Gap, Red Bull, Hyundai, Scion and Kolher.

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