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Mixer may refer to:


  • DJ mixer, a type of audio mixing console used by disc jockeys
  • Electronic mixer, electrical circuit for adding signal voltages
  • Frequency mixer, electrical circuit that creates new frequencies from two signals applied to it
  • Mixing console, an electronic device for combining sounds of different audio signals
  • Mix engineer, person who combines elements of recorded music into a final version
  • Mode scrambler, known as a mode mixer, telecommunications device for inducing mode coupling in an optical fiber
  • Sound card mixer, analog part of a sound card that routes and mixes sound signals
  • Vision mixer, an electronic device for combining video signals

Industrial and lab equipment[edit]

  • Concrete mixer, a machine which combines the ingredients of concrete, a.k.a. cement mixer
  • Feed mixer, for mixing feed ingredients
  • High-shear mixer, a device that disperse, or transports one phase or ingredient (liquid, solid, gas) into a main continuous phase (liquid)
  • High viscosity mixer
  • Impinging mixer, part of a reaction injection molding system
  • Industrial mixer, a machine for mixing the materials in industrial scale
  • Static mixer, a device for mixing two fluid materials through a tube containing a series of baffles
  • Submersible mixer, a machine used for mixing liquids and slurries in tanks (e.g. wastewater, liquid manure, etc.)
  • Vortex mixer, a laboratory device



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