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Mixmaster may refer to:


  • Mixmaster Morris or Morris Gould (born 1965), English ambient DJ and underground musician
  • Mix Master Mike (born 1970), American turntablist and contributing member of the Beastie Boys


  • The name of various stack interchanges between divided highways:
    • The intersection of I-30 and I-35E in downtown Dallas, Texas
    • The intersection of I-30 and I-35W in downtown Fort Worth, Texas
    • The intersections of I-235 and Interstate 35 / Interstate 80 in West Des Moines, Iowa (known as the West Mixmaster to Des Moines locals) and in northeast Des Moines, Iowa (known as the East Mixmaster)
    • The intersection of I-84 and Route 8 in Waterbury, Connecticut, consisting of decked lanes on both roadways and multiple left exits