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Miya's Sushi
Bun Lai in Miyas.jpg
Chef Bun Lai
Restaurant information
Established 1982 (current location: 1990)
Current owner(s) Yoshiko Lai
Head chef Bun Lai
Food type Sustainable sushi
Dress code casual
Street address 68 Howe Street
City New Haven
State Connecticut
Postal/ZIP code 06511-4622
Country United States
Website http://miyassushi.com

Coordinates: 41°18′35″N 72°56′07″W / 41.3098°N 72.9354°W / 41.3098; -72.9354

Miya's is a restaurant located in New Haven, Connecticut in the United States, and is the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the world.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] The restaurant was founded by Yoshiko Lai, a Japanese nutritionist and Congressional award recipient for her contribution to sustainable sushi,[9] in 1982.


Apple wood smoked clam sushi is an example of wild ingredients that are collected on the restaurant's hundred acres of shellfish certified grounds, by the diving chefs and servers at Miya's.

In 1982, Miya's was the first sushi restaurant in Connecticut,[10] specializing in Kyushi-style recipes. With the creation of the sweet potato roll in 1995, Miya's began to create an original and non-traditional plant-based sushi menu. By the late 1990's, 80% of the sushi menu at Miya's had been converted into a plant-based one,[11] and traditional sweetened white rice was replaced with whole grain brown rice-based blend. Also in 2005, Miya's introduced its first invasive species menu featuring locally caught invasive species such as Asian shore crabs and European green crabs.[12]

Miya's has been featured in wide range of publications including National Geographic,[13] The New York Times,[14] Prevention Magazine,[15] Eating Well Magazine,[16] Gourmet Magazine,[17] Outside Magazine,[18] Scientific American Magazine,[19] The Atlantic,[20] Food and Wine Magazine,[21] the New Yorker,[22] Popular Mechanics Magazine, [23] and Time Magazine, who described Miya's as "a pioneer in the sustainable food movement"[24]

Miya's Crickleberry Brie sushi features farmed crickets rather than seafood or livestock that is farmed in an ecologically destructive manner.
A popular dish that features invasive shore crab at Miya's.


  • White House Champions of Change for Sustainable seafood [25]
  • James Beard Foundation.[26]
  • Top 10 Healthiest Restaurants in the U.S - Gourmet Magazine.[27]
  • Best of New England - Yankee Magazine.[28]
  • Best restaurants in Connecticut - Expert's Picks.[29]
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Award
  • Fish2Fork top three most sustainable seafood restaurants in the U.S.[30]

In popular culture[edit]

  • Miya's was lampooned on Saturday Night Live for its use of cicadas in its sushi.[31]
  • Miya's satirized by the Director of SpongeBob SquarePants.[32]
  • Miya's on Emmy nominated Good Food America.[33]
  • Miya's on ABC.[34]
  • Miya's chef Bun Lai on Food Network's Chopped.[35]


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