Miyafuku Line

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Miyafuku Line
Native name宮福線
TypeCommuter rail line
TerminiMiyazu Station
Fukuchiyama Station
OwnerKitakinki Tango Railway
Operator(s)Willer Trains
Line length30.4 km (18.9 mi)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Operating speed130 km/h (81 mph)

The Miyafuku Line (宮福線, Miyafuku-sen) is a railway line of Kitakinki Tango Railway in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Trains on the line are operated by Willer Trains Inc. as part of its Kyoto Tango Railway system.


Building of the line was approved in 1953, with construction commencing in 1966, but being suspended in 1980 due to the financial constraints being experienced by JNR at the time.

In 1982 the Miyafuku Railway Co. was established to recommence construction, which resumed the following year.

The line opened in 1988, featuring 10 tunnels, including the 3215-meter Fukō Tunnel, the 2175-meter Shimoamazu Tunnel and the 2103-meter Tochiba Tunnel. The following year the company renamed itself the Kitakinki Tango Railway.

The line was electrified in 1996 to enable through running with the JR Fukuchiyama Line.

On April 1, 2015, the train operation business of Kitakinki Tango Railway was transferred to Willer Trains, Inc., which named the railway system the Kyoto Tango Railway.[1] At this time, the name of Atsunakatonya Station was changed to Fukuchiyama-shimin-byōin-guchi Station.[2] The name of the line was not changed.

Station list[edit]

  • All stations located within Kyoto Prefecture.
  • Legend: S - all trains stop; s - some trains stop; s - "Tango Aomatsu" 2 stops; | - all trains pass
Station Japanese Distance (km) Rapid "Oeyama" Rapid "Tango Aomatsu" Limited Express Transfers Location
Miyafuku Line
Fukuchiyama 福知山 - 0.0 S S S JR West: San'in Main Line, Fukuchiyama Line Fukuchiyama
Fukuchiyama-shimin-byōin-guchi 福知山市民病院口 1.5 1.5 s | |  
Aragakashinokidai 荒河かしの木台 1.4 2.9 S s |  
Maki 2.2 5.1 S s |  
Shimo-Amazu 下天津 2.5 7.6 s | |  
Gujō 公庄 2.4 10.0 s | |  
Ōe 大江 2.5 12.5 S S S  
Ōe-Kōkōmae 大江高校前 0.9 13.4 s | |  
Futamata 二俣 2.0 15.4 | | |  
Ōeyamaguchi-Naiku 大江山口内宮 2.2 17.6 S s |  
Karakawa 辛皮 3.7 21.3 s | |   Miyazu
Kita 喜多 6.0 27.3 s | |  
Miyamura 宮村 1.6 28.9 S s |  
Miyazu 宮津 1.5 30.4 S S S Miyazu Line
Miyazu Line
Amanohashidate 天橋立 4.4 34.8 S S   Miyazu

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