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Residence Tenochtitlan
Title Queen of Tenochtitlan
Spouse(s) King Huitzilihuitl
Children Prince Huehue Zaca
Parent(s) King Tlacacuitlahuatzin
unknown queen
Relatives Princess Matlalxochtzin (sister)
Queen Tlacochcuetzin (sister)
King Huitzilatzin (grandson)
five nephews

Miyahuaxochtzin of Tiliuhcan was a Queen of Tenochtitlan as a wife of King Huitzilihuitl. She was a daughter of King Tlacacuitlahuatzin and sister of Princess Matlalxochtzin and Queen Tlacochcuetzin. She was the mother of Prince Huehue Zaca and aunt of Princes Cahualtzin, Tetlepanquetzatzin, Tecatlapohuatzin, Coauoxtli and Oquetzal. She was also a grandmother of the King Huitzilatzin.


A descendant of Miyahuaxochtzin, Hernando Huehue Cetochtzin, was taken along with many other indigenous nobles on conquistador Hernán Cortés's expedition to Honduras, during which he died.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Wives of Acamapichtli
Queen of Tenochtitlan
Succeeded by
Wives of Chimalpopoca