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The location of Miyake Subprefecture

Miyake Subprefecture (三宅支庁, Miyake-shichō) is a subprefecture of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. The organization belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau Of General Affairs.

It includes the following villages on the Izu Islands:

Its area is 76.08 square km and 3184 people.

Because of the eruptions of the main volcano, Miyakejima was completely evacuated from September 2000. After a four-year period of volcanic emissions, residents were allowed to return permanently on February 1, 2005.


  • 1920: The island halls of Miyakejima and Mikurajima were abolished. Ōshima Island Government Office took control of the islands. The branch office was founded on Miyakejima.
  • 1926: Changed to Ōshima Subprefecture.
  • 1943: Miyakejima Branch Office was split as Miyake Subprefecture.

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