Miyar kuka

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Miyar kuka
Miyan kuka (left) with tuwo (right) and fried fish
TypeWest African cuisine
Place of originNiger, Northern Nigeria
Region or stateSahel
Main ingredientsBaobab leaves

Miyar Kuka or Miyan Kuka, also known as Luru soup, is a type of soup popular among West Africa’s Sahelian ethnic groups. The soup is made from powdered baobab leaves.[1][2][3] It is usually served with Tuwo or Fufu. A seasonal variant of this soup is made using fresh mashed baobab leaves. This variant is only available during the rainy season when fresh baobab leaves are available. [4][5]

Miyar Kuka is best served with Tuwon Shinkafa.[6][7]

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