Miyata 310

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A 1985 Miyata 310

The Miyata 310 is a "semi-pro" road bicycle that was manufactured by Miyata until 1986. It was replaced by the Miyata 312 for the 1987 model year.


The components used on the 310 varied throughout its several years of production, but certain elements were consistent through.

  • Chromoly tubing was used for the frame. In early years, straight-gauge tubing was used,[1] but this was changed to double-butted tubing for the 1982 model year.[2] Starting in 1985, and lasting the rest of the production run, triple-butted tubing was used.[3]
  • Early models use straight-gauge, hi-tensile steel forks. These were replaced with "Mangalight" manganese-alloy forks in later years.
  • Most components, including the brakes, shifters, and derailleurs, were sourced from Shimano. The gruppo used change year-to-year, but later models used many Shimano 105 components.
  • Certain components, including cranks and stems, were first-party branded.